Thursday 19 September 2019 | The National Conference Centre | Solihull

Spida Fixings and Fiba Spida: the ultimate fixing technology

10:30 - 11:10

Spida fixings replace traditional nuts, bolts, rivets, welding.  No drilling required.  Their unique shape construction and bond surface provides enhanced strength so that fewer fixings are required.  Now for composites structures, Fiba Spida is like buying your fabric with these fixings built in. A significantly stronger method of mechanically joining metal, composite and other materials together with enhanced peel, shear, torsion, cleavage, tension and compressive loading capabilities.


1. How using Spida Fixings can save weight, production time and cost
2. How using Spida Fixings give design engineers / manufacturers design freedom unavailable with current fixing systems
3. The technical data proving the benefits and universal applications of Spida fixings; Increased fastener strength, bond strength, stress dissipation.
4. The potential of next generation of composite fixings: Fiba Spida – fixings moulded into carbon fabric
5. Learning about new composite moulding technologies; our patented matrix and attenuating process.

Thomas Wood, managing director, Adhesion Technologies