Thursday 19 September 2019 | The National Conference Centre | Solihull

Tips for Engineers - Polymer Selection and Laser Marking for Engineering Applications

11:30 - 12:10

Colloids' talk will feature top tips for Engineers who are looking for polymer and laser marking solutions for material selection and engineering applications.
Colloids manufactures polymer concentrates and additives that can add colour and functional properties to polymers. Dr Derek Hepburn (Technical Director) and Graham Cotton (Site & Technical Manager) will talk about polymer properties and processing methods and will take a look at the world of laser marking polymer parts and how L-TEC, Colloids' new laser marking additive gives outstanding definition and how the additive works in synergy with the colourants.


  1. Types of Conductive Additives for polymers
  2. Specifications & Design of polymeric compounds for electrical conductivity
  3. Processing and Fabrication of conductive polymer compounds
  4. Laser marking parts & components for polymers
  5. Case studies of real life engineering problems and solutions

Derek Hepburn, Technical Director, Colloids Limited

Graham Cotton, Site and Technical Manager, Colloids Limited